Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance; It is a Liability insurance that guarantees the responsibilities of shipping companies engaged in national and international transportation and warehousing, arising from freight contracts related to transportation, transportation, storage or other transportation works, within the terms and limits specified in the policy.

Transportation insurance, which should be among the unchangeable protocols in cargo, is provided by us unconditionally, and in case of any negativity, expert adjusters will not let our customers or us down. Our company, which has been operating in the overflow business for 20 years, uses insured transportation as a part of the process in all our works, regardless of distance, even though we have not encountered a serious event so far. With our experienced teams; We have been proving our expertise in textile transportation to all European countries for 20 years. Although the experience of the team you have makes you think that there is no need for insurance, insured transportation will help the process go smoothly by protecting both you and us. From time to time, cargo companies may say that they provide insured transportation and a negative result may leave you in a difficult situation. When you have a cargo business, it will always be best for you to choose insured transportation. No matter what kind of transportation you need, as Klas Lojistik family, we would like to be with you with our knowledge and experience.