There are many documents related to International Business: business documents, financial documents, insurance documents and more. Let’s look at some common documents used for shipping in global supply chain management.

Delivery Order

A Delivery Order (D/O) is a document from the buyer, owner, or agent of a freight carrier that orders the release to move the cargo to another party. This written order provides for direct delivery of goods to a warehouse clerk, forwarder or other person who issues a warehouse receipt or Bill of Lading. This document should not be confused with delivery instructions. Provide Delivery Instructions, carrier-specific details regarding the arrangement made by the carrier to deliver the goods to a specific destination.

Dock receipt

A Document Receipt confirms that the shipment has been received for shipment. This document is issued by a shipping company and transfers responsibility from the sender to the carrier for the safe transportation of the cargo. It is the basis of preparing the bill of lading.

Bill of Lading (B/L)

A bill of lading is proof that there is a contract between a shipper of goods and a carrier. The customer usually needs this original copy as proof and to take ownership of the goods. This document contains the conditions under which the carriage was carried out and serves as a receipt. This document can be endorsed or transferred to a third party even while the goods are on the way.

Sea ​​bill of lading

Sea Bill of Lading is a contract that is not required for cargo delivery and is issued only as a cargo receipt. This title document is used on the basis of trust between the sender and the importer; This means that Bill of Lading is not required and the goods are received automatically, they are allowed to be released when they arrive at the destination.

Air Waybill

An Air Waybill (AWB) is used when transporting goods by air freight. This document serves as a receipt for the goods and reports the condition of the goods.

This is a non-negotiable document that must be named by the buyer (who can be a buyer). The AWB indicates that the goods have been accepted for carriage. It is prepared by IATA agents or arlines.

Shipping Guarantee

The Shipping Guarantee is a written document by the bank to assume joint responsibility. It is given from the importer to the carrier or its agent for receipt of the goods. This document is used when documents arrive before shipment.

Packing Note or List

A Packing List provides necessary information for shipping purposes. Details of the invoice, consignee, country of origin, shipping date, place of delivery, shipping and container markings, weight and volume. It is a more detailed version of the commercial invoice and does not include pricing information. It is usually attached to the shipment and a copy is sent to the recipient so they can check it after receiving the shipment. Required by some but not all countries.